How to Create a
Profitable Online Store
From Scratch

1. Pick a product / online store idea with
true profitable potential

win with woo online store true profit potential

2. Easily build a great e-commerce website

Using a step by step guide developed by a leading e-commerce agency on how to build and design a high converting and amazing looking website with Woocommerce.

win with woo easy build e-commerce website

3. Learn how to easily run your store

Avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes new online store owners make with payments, order management & shipping.

4. Tap into advanced e-commerce strategies to scale and grow

We’ve built over 400 websites in the last 10 years and have condensed all the knowledge and experience of what works and what doesn't. We’ll show you the exact steps we use to drive both paid and organic traffic to your site and grow monthly revenue fast.

win with woo easily run your store

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Monday September 14th


Win With Woo, is the first in a series of online courses. This course will show you step-by-step how to build, run and grow a profitable online store using WooCommerce.

Even if… you don’t have a product to sell.

Even if … you’ve never built a website before.

Even if… you’ve never run your own business.

And you’ll see how to do it even if you know nothing about e-commerce.

The best part?

You don’t need a lot of money.

You don’t need a ton of time.

You definitely don’t need to know how to code or hire a developer.

Now before we jump into the nitty gritty of the course,
I want to share my personal journey.

My First Websites Were Total Flops

Hi, I’m Felix Norton, CEO and founder of Woww
Featured on

After University I wanted to start my own business designing websites.

I studied computer science and when it came to building my first website, I thought:

“This will be a piece of cake, I’ll code and create my own custom website, it’ll be amazing.”

This was a big mistake.

code my own site

Not only did it take a huge amount of time.

But it was ugly and an absolute mission to update or change anything.

I also didn’t know anything about branding or marketing.

So fortunately, no one ever saw it!

Still. I knew this was the career path for me.

So I hustled and secured my first client (Thanks Dad!)

I learnt from my custom coding mistake and this time used a popular CMS called Joomla.

Much easier than the first time, but the design, look and feel still felt outdated & unprofessional.

A new client, a new platform, this time I tried the most popular web builder at the time called Squarespace.

Finally a great looking website, easy to use, but if you wanted to change anything that there wasn’t a specific setting for or add in some extra functionality you were stuck.


I then stumbled across WordPress.

I had always thought of WordPress as a blogging platform, but that was because I was confusing it with and not

WordPress is an open source framework that you can install with custom plugins and themes to build amazing looking but also functionally powerful websites with no coding required!

The rest was history and I’ve never looked back.

Fast Forward to Today -
I now run a successful digital agency
with 100s of happy clients.

Hi I’m Felix Norton, and I run Woww, one of South Africa’s leading digital agencies with a focus on WordPress Web Design (Just Google WordPress Web Design).

I’ve built an amazing team of digital experts and together we help clients from all around the world succeed online.

One area we specialise in is e-commerce. 

Helping our clients build and run profitable online stores. 

And with the world experiencing a global pandemic and the need for getting online becoming critical for any business. 

We decided to launch this course to help you start selling online.

A Recipe For Success

As a digital agency we’ve built a lot of e-commerce websites.

In fact, we’ve helped build over 50 successful online stores around the world.

During this time, we’ve learnt a lot.

E-commerce isn’t easy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Through trial and error, we’ve developed a fool proof step by step system for building, running and growing profitable e-commerce websites.

Just look at the screenshots below of our some clients revenue.

We’ve documented our process, so now you too can implement our recipe for success.

No Better Time To Start

As more of the world becomes digitized, e-commerce is growing and physical retail is shrinking.

In South Africa alone e-commerce is expected to grow by 50% from 70 Billion to 105 Billion in just the next 2 years.

And with a global health crisis like COVID-19, it’s no better time to be able to transact online while physical locations are shut and customers are self isolating.

Why WooCommerce?

Why Woo and not a different e-commerce platform like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or custom development?

We’ve tried everything. Seriously. 

I don’t believe in anything being the perfect platform, I’m a fierce advocate of adapting to the best option out there.

But after building so many websites and learning the ins and outs of each platform, WooCommerce has always been:

  • Easy to build
  • Easy to use and run
  • Cost effective (basically free!)
  • Well supported
  • The best e-commerce platform for SEO
  • Builds the most beautiful looking websites
  • Powered by WordPress

We keep coming back.

3 Examples of people who built and run successful online stores using WooCommerce

Meet Jonathan Myburgh

Jono started his first Woocommerce website while still studying at university. Within 2 years he had made his first million in profit at the age of 21. Over the next 8 years Jono went on to launch multiple other online stores and now has a sizeable ecommerce empire.

Meet Carla Fernandes

Carla took over her established family business and one the first things she did was digitize and create a website to take online orders. She built a website with WooCommerce and within 1 year the site was generating over 6 figures in monthly revenue.

Meet Justin & Jan

J & J are importers and wholesalers. They started with brands such as Popsockets, What Do You Meme, and Larrys. All of their online stores were built with WooCommerce and the products are still selling like hotcakes. J & J took this online success and now have a whole catalogue of profitable online stores.

If you’re one of these 3 types of people, starting an online store is PERFECT for you:

Person # 1
You want run an online business.
Person # 2
You want to start a side hustle and get a second revenue stream.
Person # 3
You already have physical business, but want to get it online and expand your business.

1. You want to start an online business

This is it then. You totally can. 

Look at me and look at all the other successful self starting entrepreneurs, building your own online store is the first step to becoming your own boss and building your own e-commerce empire.

I have personally helped clients build over 50 profitable e-commerce websites.

Whether you already have a great idea for a product or just know it’s something you want to try.

We’ll show you exactly how to get started and grow a profitable online store.


2. You want to diversify your current revenue stream.

A great advantage of starting an online business, is that it doesn’t require full time commitment to succeed 

(Sure it helps to give it your all, but it’s not a necessity).

Many people who start an online store do it because they already have a career, but want to put their spare time to use and bring in some extra revenue.

Or even if it’s something they’re not sure will work and don’t want to risk a stable income.

So many e-commerce business owners started their stores as a side hustle before they took off.

And if it does. 

You have the choice of committing more time and scaling things up, hiring someone to take over while you manage part time, or even selling the business for a big payout.

(Which is exactly what I did with one of my sites and used the cash injection to start other exciting projects).


3. Maybe you already have a business,
but want to transition / expand into digital sales
and improve your revenue model

Then it’s even easier!

You already have a product that people are willing to pay money for.

So why not expand your business and increase sales and profits by lowering operating costs.

A physical store is limited by the foot traffic and people within close proximity. 

And as cliche as it sounds, with e-commerce, the world is your oyster.

By selling online, you remove the limitations of “open hours” and can sell your product not just locally to walk-ins, but nationwide and even internationally.

You’ll also be able to reduce overheads like rental costs, cashiers, window displays etc.

Whichever category you fall in, the potential for selling online is absolutely huge.

The best part?

You don’t have to make the same mistakes me or my clients made along the way.

Skip all the uncertainties and headaches of figuring things out and jump right into what works.

While it won’t happen overnight (Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some get rich quick scheme, it will take work). you can totally do it.

In this course we’ll show you step by step a proven model for building, running and growing a profitable online store.

Now before I get into the system, I want to quickly cover three myths that stop people from creating profitable online stores


The truth about starting your own online business

From working with and consulting hundreds of clients over the last decade I know first hand how many people want to start their own online store.

They have a great idea or see a fantastic opportunity.

They believe that it’ll sell and know that it’s possible to build your their own website and make money selling a product online.

But along the way, something stops them from moving forward and making progress.

Here are 3 key reasons I’ve observed people backing out… even if they’re super excited about the opportunity.


1. “I don’t have the time to create my own online business”

I completely relate.

When I built my own first online store I was still busy running my agency.

I was up to my neck managing my team, building websites for my clients, consulting on projects and our other services.

Then there’s having a work life balance for fun, friends, family, keeping fit…

So it’s not like I had tons of free time.

I was very busy.

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 21.44.03

Everyday fires to put out.

But here’s the thing.

Starting an online business doesn’t need to take up a lot of time.

While it still requires time and effort, it shouldn’t take a huge amount of time.

The main reason people struggle to get started is because they don’t know where to start.

There’s no plan.

But when you have a process, a step by step guide. You can follow along and make real progress at your own pace.

Without a plan, like many things, creating something from scratch can feel like a constant struggle.

You’re CONSTANTLY running into decisions like, “What should I sell?” or “Which platform should I use?” or “Should I offer free shipping with my products?”.

These are all great questions, but they’re not the problem.

The problem is, without a plan, these questions can prevent you from making progress.

It’s really difficult to move forward when you’re constantly having to figure out what to do and how to do it.

With a plan, every step is laid out for you.

We’ve been through it all already and will guide you every step of the way.

Which leads to:

2. “I’m not a technical person, technology scares me.
How will I build let alone run an online store?”

This is something that trips up a lot of people. Technophobia.

People think building an online business means knowing how to code. 


I promise you, it’s nothing like the Matrix.

And it’s the reason we chose WooCommerce as our platform of choice.

Anyone who knows how to surf the web or use Facebook can understand how to use WooCommerce.

You’ll never need to look at code or touch, HTML, CSS or Javascript.

(It might help to know some, but it’s not a requirement).

It looks less like the code in the Matrix.

And more like this:


See – not so complicated 🤩


"I don’t have any business experience. How could I possibly succeed with an online store!”

Again, this is also something I really struggle with.

This feeling of doubt, that you might not have what it takes to build your own business or start an online store.

There’s a real psychological term for this. 

It’s called “Imposter Syndrome”.

And most people have it. Even the most successful people.

But there’s only one way to get over it, and that’s to start somewhere.

Every successful online business starts somewhere.

Look at Jeff Bezos (currently the richest man in the world). 

Amazon started in his garage.


90% of online stores are founded by normal people, with no former e-commerce or even retail experience.

They start with an idea, draft a plan and then act.

Using Win With Woo, we take care of the plan, you just need to take action.

If you’re ready, here’s the next step

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably ready to give building an online store a try.

You may not have a lot of time right now, but as I’ve mentioned, creating an online store doesn’t have to take up too much time

You may have never run a business before, but as you’ve seen, every business starts somewhere with someone. The first step in getting good at something, is just doing it.

You may not have any website development experience. Again, not a requirement.

You may still have a couple unanswered questions, such as:

“How do I pick a product that sells?”

“How do I actually build an e-commerce website?”

“What are the costs of running an online store?”

“How do I handle payment and shipping?”

“How do I get customers to visit my online store?”

These are all extremely valid and important questions, and questions that will need answers in order to build a successful online store.

Well what if there was a way to get all your questions answered… before you even needed to ask them?

In other words, instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, you had a blueprint for planning, building, running and growing a profitable online store?

A guide that showed you everything, step by step.

Well that’s exactly what we’ve built.

Introducing. –

Build, Run & Grow A Profitable Online Store

Sign up for Wn With Woo today and I’ll show you exactly how to build, run and grow a profitable online store.

This is the exact blueprint that myself and my agency use for my clients to help them grow online businesses worth 7 figures in monthly revenue.

Inside this course, I share our proprietary system for building online stores that succeed online.

We’ve taken over 10 years of e-commerce and digital marketing experience and condensed all that knowledge into an actionable course, so you can replicate the model yourself.

How Win With Woo Works

Win With Woo is my step by step system for planning, building, running, launching and growing a profitable online store.

Each week you’ll get video lessons accompanied by workbooks and other resources such as checklists, calculators and step by step instructions that show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

In short Win With Woo is everything you need to get started with building your very own online store, using a tested system created by industry experts.


Picking and validating a profitable store concept


Build your first online store with WooCommerce


How to run a profitable online store


Successfully launch an online store


Grow and scale your store

That’s just a small sample of whats included in our course.

I’ve loaded Win With Woo with even even more advanced strategies and tips to guide you step by step to e-commerce success with WooCommerce. Start building your profitable online store today.

Inside this course you'll also learn:

Simple step by step guidance

Using step by step guides developed by a leading e-commerce agency on how to build and design high converting and amazing looking websites with WooCommerce.

Workbooks, Checklists, Resources

Also included in the course are are detailed workbooks, checklists and valuable resources to guide you through each of the modules ensuring you are kept on track. Just follow along and win.

Is this course for you?

Win With Woo is NOT for you if:

Win With Woo is for you if:

Your Enrollment Is Protected By 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Win With Woo 100% risk-free.

If you think Win With Woo might be the right investment for you. Don’t be afraid to enroll today.

We packed a lot of value into Win With Woo which is why I’m giving you 30 days to go through everything, test out our guides and strategies and make sure it works for you.

If for some reason, you’re not satisfied or feel that this isn’t giving you the value you expected or even if you decide that e-commerce just isn’t right for you.

Email my team at within 30 days of the course start date and they’ll  refund you.


So there’s actually zero risk in signing up.

I’ve helped 100’s of clients succeed online and theres no way we could have done this without a working system. So I’m more than happy to put my money where my mouth is and offer this guarantee 😎.


Still Not convinced? Heres MORE.


Lifetime Access + Updates

Your enrollment with Win With Woo comes with lifetime access to the course content.

This means that you can follow the course in your own time, at your own pace and pick up where you left off or check back in if you want to recover a particular topic.

We also plan to improve the course content, increasing production quality, adding new modules and resources, and you’ll get free access to all future updates.

It also means that when we increase the course fee (which we  100% plan on doing when we upgrade it to an international course). You won’t need to pay a cent extra.


Exclusive Facebook Community Group

Your enrollment also includes access to our private e-commerce mastermind Facebook group. 

Join other Win With Woo  students and like minded entrepreneurs, share your ideas, challenges and strategies for winning online.

Our Woww Team will also hang out and sometimes help answer questions and give free advice.

All This For
Enroll For This Course Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Win With Woo is a 10 week training program that teaches you step by step exactly how to start your own online store using WooCommerce.

The course is broken in 5 modules released over 10 weeks and includes a combination of video lectures, workbooks, worksheets and additional resources to aid you in building an online store.

The course is designed to take you through the initial fundamentals of starting a store through to building a functional store using WordPress & WooCommerce and eventually, how to run the store and eventually how to grow and scale your store.

The course is pre-recorded and all the material and course content can be completed in your own time at your own pace.

The course content is released over 10 weeks to provide ample time for students to work through each module and give some breathing room for students to implement their efforts.


The course is taught by industry experts from a leading digital agency with over 10 years experience and a portfolio of over 400 websites.

While not officially endorsed by a university, the course lecturers have given lectures in public forums, universities and been content contributors to online education platforms like Get Smarter.

The course content is released over 10 weeks 

Each module varies in length, but the videos and lessons are highly focused averaging 10-15 minutes per lesson.

Implementing the course to build a site will vary from student to student, but it’s possible to complete the entire course within 10 weeks.

We advise students to take the course at their own pace and focus on execution and implementation of the course content rather than an  arbitrary deadline.

The course enrolment closes on 11/09/2020.

Once enrolled students will have immediate access to the backend dashboard and will be invited to the private Facebook mastermind group.

The first module of the course content is released on the 14/09/2020.

Students who do not complete their applications for the first cohort of Win With Woo may still apply and will have to pay a late penalty fee of R2000 in addition to the course fee.

Alternatively students can apply for the waiting list and join a later cohort, but fees will be higher for future cohorts.

Most courses are created by trained educators and researchers in the academic field. While this is great for certain industries that have a legacy of research and content to draw upon, the digital industry is extremely new and changes at a pace that academic institutions cannot keep up with.

This is the secret to Win With Woo. The course is taught by professional experts who are actually in the field, breaking down the exact processes of what works today in the real world. 

Also unlike academic courses which tend to focus more on theory, this course focuses on specific and actionable outcomes. The outcome of this course is not to get a diploma or certificate, its to build a profitable online store.


Email me on

I will reply as soon as I can.

I read every email.

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