Run, Build & Grow A WooCommerce Store

Learn how to Build A Profitable Online Store

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Felix Norton

E-commerce Expert

Felix is an aspiring entrepreneur and owner of a successful digital agency.  With over 400 websites built and 100’s of successful clients around the world, Felix breaks down the fundamentals of building a profitable online store and shares his agencies secrets for success.

Course Description

Win With Woo is the ultimate online course for learning how to build, run and grow a profitable online store with WooCommerce


Amazing Course

This online course will teach anyone how to build an amazing store with WooCommerce.

Build a profitable online store fast using a step by step guide developed by a leading e-commerce agency.

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 10 weeks

Course Price

R 2999

Course Level


Course Description

Win With Woo is specifically designed to take someone with no e-commerce experience and guide them step by step on their journey to building a profitable online store with WooCommerce.

  1. Find and validate a profitable online store concept.
  2. Build an amazing website.
  3. Learn how to run an online store.
  4. Launch an online store.
  5. Grow and scale an online store.
  6. PROFIT!

Key Features

People Winning With WooCommerce

Jono started his first Woocommerce website while still studying at university, within 2 years he had made his first million in profit at the age of 21. Over the next 8 years Jono went on to launch multiple other online stores and now has a sizeable ecommerce empire.
Jonothan Myburgh
Replaceme, Autosupply, Techsupply
Carla took over her established family business and one the first things she did was digitize and create a website to take online orders. She built a website with WooCommerce and within 1 year the site was generating over 6 figures in monthly revenue.
Carla Fernandes
J & J are importers and wholesalers. They started with brands such as Popsockets, What Do You Meme, and Larrys. All of their online stores were built with WooCommerce and the products are still selling like hotcakes. J & J took this online success and now have a whole catalogue of profitable online stores.
Jan & Justiin
Pop Sockets, Larrys, What Do You Meme, JJ Rewards
Myself. Using my own strategies, I built my own successful site and sold it for 6 figures! The cash injection allowed me to roll out a number of other business opportunities and fund future WooCommerce websites.
Felix Norton

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