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Frequently Asked Questions

Win With Woo is a 10 week training program that teaches you step by step exactly how to start your own online store using WooCommerce.

The course is broken in 5 modules released over 10 weeks and includes a combination of video lectures, workbooks, worksheets and additional resources to aid you in building an online store.

The course is designed to take you through the initial fundamentals of starting a store through to building a functional store using WordPress & WooCommerce and eventually, how to run the store and eventually how to grow and scale your store.

The course is pre-recorded and all the material and course content can be completed in your own time at your own pace.

The course content is released over 10 weeks to provide ample time for students to work through each module and give some breathing room for students to implement their efforts.


The course is taught by industry experts from a leading digital agency with over 10 years experience and a portfolio of over 400 websites.

While not officially endorsed by a university, the course lecturers have given lectures in public forums, universities and been content contributors to online education platforms like Get Smarter.

The course content is released over 10 weeks 

Each module varies in length, but the videos and lessons are highly focused averaging 10-15 minutes per lesson.

Implementing the course to build a site will vary from student to student, but it’s possible to complete the entire course within 10 weeks.

We advise students to take the course at their own pace and focus on execution and implementation of the course content rather than an  arbitrary deadline.

The course enrolment closes on 11/09/2020.

Once enrolled students will have immediate access to the backend dashboard and will be invited to the private Facebook mastermind group.

The first module of the course content is released on the 14/09/2020.

Students who do not complete their applications for the first cohort of Win With Woo may still apply and will have to pay a late penalty fee of R2000 in addition to the course fee.

Alternatively students can apply for the waiting list and join a later cohort, but fees will be higher for future cohorts.

Most courses are created by trained educators and researchers in the academic field. While this is great for certain industries that have a legacy of research and content to draw upon, the digital industry is extremely new and changes at a pace that academic institutions cannot keep up with.

This is the secret to Win With Woo. The course is taught by professional experts who are actually in the field, breaking down the exact processes of what works today in the real world. 

Also unlike academic courses which tend to focus more on theory, this course focuses on specific and actionable outcomes. The outcome of this course is not to get a diploma or certificate, its to build a profitable online store.


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